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Connecting Secondary and Post-Secondary Teachers

CAM member Ellen Sassenberg has offered the following great idea to connect Minnesota's secondary and post-secondary teachers: 
Dear Fellow MN Classicists, 

As I was thinking about a use for the CAM Facebook page, I wondered about using it as a possible way to further connect high school and post-high school classrooms and instructors. For example, if there were any college or university faculty or graduate students who have some prepared talks suitable for a high school class, say, on Roman glass, I would be one of a few who would love to have you as a guest lecturer at my school. 

So, if there is anyone out there who is ready and willing to make a guest appearance in an area high school classroom, would you make yourself known? High school teachers could similarly make requests for topics about which one could speak.

Thanks for letting me throw the idea out there, and let's see if we can further connect the efforts of our high schools and college classics programs!

Ellen Sassenberg

If you would like to offer your services to Minnesota high schools, or are a high school teacher who could benefit from a visit by a Minnesota scholar, please leave your request or information in the form below, then check the responses of those who have submitted them at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

Connecting Secondary and Post-Secondary Teachers

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